World Traveler (Jumper)

  • I’ve picked up languages and cultures from around the world
  • I have anatomical separation; the ability to reach thru a portal, leaving the portal open while reaching a limb through. It looks odd, but is effective
  • I’m very good at hiding in shadows
  • I try to stay out of politics, but simple stories of desperation always seem to pull me in

Thought, Action, Might, Drama

Jump-Scars – Only Sensitives can trace my jumps
Jump-Speed – I can ‘port as fast my heartbeats
Jump-Shock – Electronics brown-out, glass cracks and air disrupts
jump-Mass – I can only take what I’m wearing and holding

2 Story Points
2 Strikes


Calm down, my friend. I can help you but I can’t promise I’ll stay around


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