Government Agent (Jumper)

  • I’m one of few jumpers with government connections
  • I’ve learned enough to track Jumpers like a Sensitive
  • I’m an expert in Krav Maga and MCMAP, both military martial arts programs
  • I’ve seen it all; I’m not easily impressed or intimidated
  • I consider myself the balance between jumper society and the authorities; not all organizations are evil, not all jumpers are innocent

Might, Action, Thought, Drama

Jump-Speed – I can jump as fast as I can blink
Jump-Shock – I only disrupt the air when I arrive
Jump-Scars – I leave a trail that lasts a deep breath
Jump-Mass – I can only carry what I wear and hold

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Someone has got to put a stop to this nonsense. Let me try before bringing in the big guns.


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