Jump-Shock happens when a Jumper arrives, causing a disruption in the location. Being emotionally unbalanced, scared, panicked, in pain or ’stepping sight unseen, can cause a shock to the area.

The effects of jump-shock can include damaging fragile items like glass, crystal and ceramic; cracking stone or concrete; causing electromagnetic disruptions which dramatically effect electrical devices; and displacing the air which blows paper and thin plastic around the general area.

Significant jump-shock will alert nearby pedestrians as well as the authorities. It’s also distinctive evidence of a jumper’s presence or, at least, his or her passage. History has shone that some jumpers leave a trace similar to Celtic Knots or crop circles.

  1. ) You crack concrete, shatter glass and fragile items, know over objects with a gust of displace air and knock out electronics like and EMP
  2. ) You crack glass, displace air and brown-out electronics and batteries
  3. ) You displace air
  4. ) You have almost no shock, arriving silently


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