Character Creation


In addition to the above rules, Jumpers have 4 Stats: Might, Action, Thought and Drama. These are ranked 1 through 4. If a subject has a higher stat than another, that subject has Advantage on the roll.

Jumpers also have 4 Stats related to the teleport ability: Jump-Scars, Jump-Shock, Jump-Mass and Jump-Speed. These, as well, are ranked 1 through 4, with some notation on what each rank entails.

Lastly, each character has 4 Story Points, minus 1 point for each set of skills, equipment, contacts and/or wealth that a jumper may have. Add 1 Point each for Thought and/or Drama as a first or second spot Stat.

PC’s take damage to their Narrative. Each character has 4 Strikes minus 1 for each Narrative. Add 1 for each Action and/or Might Stat in first and second place.

Character Creation

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