17th Generation Jaunt Medium (Jumper)

  • I can juxtapose in two places at once, appearing and acting identically in both locations, as well as being subject to the effects of both locations as well
  • I can disrupt the quantum field, causing the Jump ability to operate less effectively for all others in a Zone around me
  • I can sense quantum fluctuations, tracking and detecting jump-scars as a Sensitive
  • I was raised among an elite Jumper Society, so I know very little about the outside world

Thought, Drama, Action, Might

Jump-Scars – Only Sensitives can trace my jumps
Jump-Mass – I can transport myself and another
Jump-Speed – I can ’step once every heartbeat
Jump-Shock – My arrival cracks concrete, shatters glass, knocks out electronics and disrupts the air

3 Story Points
1 Strikes


You could benefit from an epsilon level intrusion from a neo-medic to smooth your transitions to become a fifth order master…


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