Sun Shines

Oracle (Jumper)

  • I’m a Sensitive; I can trace and detect quantum disruptions
  • I can ‘pop’ small items from place to place
  • I can create a defensive ‘screen’; objects will avoid me, traveling to another location
  • I can co-locus a Zone; blending two locations into one area simultaneously
  • Technology is a barrier to ultimate spiritual and mystic connections; I don’t even like using a phone or microwave

Drama, Thought, Action, Might

Jump-Shock – I arrive with no fan-fair
Jump-Scars – My trail lasts only a heartbeat
Jump-Mass – I can carry a large backpack
Jump-Speed – I can ’port every 5 seconds


Honey, I can reread you palm and speak to the spirits till I’m blue in the face, but you will never understand what happened to you because you are not one of Those Who Step Across!

Sun Shines

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