Career Criminal (Jumper)

  • People are sheep and easy to manipulate
  • Stealing is easy; it’s knowing what it’s worth that’s the skill
  • I’ve got contacts for illegal papers and documents
  • I can jump-rip an object or person in half but it hurts me like a motherfucker!
  • My moral code is all but gone, so I tend to miss details when people are emotional

Drama, Might, Thought, Action

Jump-Speed – I can jump as fast as I can blink
Jump-Mass – I can transport myself and another
Jump-Scars – I leave a trail that lasts a deep breath
Jump-Shock – Concrete cracks, glass shatters and electronics dies when I arrive

1 Story Points
1 Strikes


Watch your next words Stumbler, cause I just don’t give a fuck.


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