Spiritualist and Martial Artists (Jumper)

  • I can use the scimitar, chakram and katar as lethal weapons with martial arts
  • I can meditate and heal myself and others through acupuncture and chakra points
  • I am sensitive to quantum energies and can sense jump-scars
  • I have extreme flexibility and balance; I am able to escape most bonds and grapples
  • I do not have a need for any material wealth and never plan further than a day, even for meals and shelter

Thought, Action, Drama, Might

Jump-Scars – Only Sensitives can detect my trail
Jump-Shock – I arrive with only a blast of displaced air
Jump-Speed – I can ’port every heartbeat
Jump-Mass – I can only carry what I wear and hold

1 Story Points
1 Strikes


We are all part of the cosmic wheel.


Jumper davae_breon davae_breon