Fashion Model (Jumper)

  • I’m a popular fashion model who rubs elbow with the rich and famous in the art world
  • I’m at home in the ocean. I can free dive, use scuba gear and deep sea fish as well as navigate, surf and sail a boat in the open sea
  • I have a host of unwanted attention; from stalkers, paparazzi and artistic agents

Drama, Thought, Action, Might

Jump-Shock – I arrive quietly and with no disturbances
Jump-Scars – My trail lasts only the blink of an eye
Jump-Speed – I can ’port once every deep breath
Jump-Mass – I can only ’step with what I wear and hold

4 Story Point
2 Strikes


I know someone who will let me stay at his summer home on the beach. Really. I have the keys to his Bentley in my purse


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